Bathroom design trends are constantly shifting. What we consider contemporary today might not be modern tomorrow.

However, the most timeless style is the traditional or classic one. A traditionally designed bathroom offers class and elegance with a personality that can match almost any home.

8 Tips for Designing a Traditional Style Bathing Area

A traditional bathroom is welcoming and relaxing. It’s perfect if you love hot baths or showers after a long work day. It provides a long-lasting, elegant look that will serve your home for generations, meaning you won’t need remodels or updates down the road.

If you want to remodel your bathroom to make it more classic and traditional, you can do it easily. You can turn a simple bathroom into the space of your dreams with the right finishes and hardware.

Here are some top traditional bathroom ideas:

1. Stone Is Key

Like any other bathroom design, a classic style needs a coherent theme. In this case, the right material for the job is stone like marble or granite.

Stone walls add a sense of luxury to your bathroom that few materials can match. However, stone can be quite expensive, making it an inaccessible option for many.

For the best stone look and feel at an affordable price, we recommend using high-quality acrylic with good durability. Acrylic can mimic the look and texture of classic stonework, providing an affordable yet classy solution.

Here are some benefits of acrylic for your bathroom:

  • Highly affordable compared to marble or granite
  • Available in different patterns and colors
  • Durable and versatile material

2. A Subtle Color Scheme

Subdued colors, like grays and white, are the perfect match for a classic style, especially in bathrooms. These shades are subtle and welcoming—perfect for creating a peaceful and relaxing environment.

We recommend choosing a bold main color and pairing it with beiges, creams, and whites for better results. That way, you have a focal point that catches the eye, but your space retains that subtle elegance a classic bathroom design needs.

3. Make It Visually Interesting Through Patterns

It is also worth considering classic patterns. For example, a tile-look surround is an ideal option for a classic feel. You could use cobblestone, herringbone, flagstone, subway floor tile, and many more options to create the perfect welcoming and relaxing environment.

Mirrors are also essential. However, you should consider different shapes instead of clear lines and cuts. A modern bathroom uses square or rectangular mirrors, but a classic one needs silhouettes and circles.

You could also hang a painting or picture on a focus wall to create a more visually interesting environment. Or choose something more classic like a chandelier hanging over the bathtub. As long as it fits the theme of your bathroom, you can add anything you want!

4. Focus on Functionality

Style and functionality shouldn’t have to be mutually exclusive, not even in bathrooms. The best bathroom designs can mix a beautiful style with functional elements to create a balanced aesthetic.

The right accessories for your bathroom can enhance its style while giving you the necessary functionality to make your experience safer and easier.

Here are some of the most functional accessories for bathrooms:

  • Grab bars for showers, baths, and toilets
  • Shower footrests and seats
  • Attached-shower benches
  • Shelves, caddies, and soap dishes

shower surround resized

5. A Shower and a Tub

Who said you have to choose between a shower and a bathtub? A classic bathroom design gives you enough leeway to have both if the space allows it.

Imagine coming home after a stressful day and having the option of a hot bath without sacrificing the convenience of a shower.

If this sounds perfect to you, then adding a bath as well as a shower to your bathroom is the way to go. Just remember to keep the styles matching to create a harmonious, welcoming, and relaxing space.

6. Wood Creates a Welcoming Area

Instead of going for the usual tile floors, you could do something different like adding wood paneling to your bathroom floors. Wood is a warmer, softer, and more inviting material, making it an excellent fit for traditional bathroom designs.

Adding wood to your bathroom also invites nature to your home, creating a much-needed contrast between the natural and the manmade. Not to mention, it will help your bathroom stand out!

7. Choose a Sophisticated Shower Cubicle

Your shower doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. With the right shower cubicle, you can make your classic bathroom design stand out through uniqueness and elegance.

For instance, a top-of-the-line shower enclosure in the middle of the bathroom can create that necessary focal point that the most luxurious designs offer.

8. Choose Glass Doors over Shower Curtains

Although glass doesn’t offer a curtain’s intricate colors and patterns, it can be the best option for a classic bathroom design. The elegance of glass shower and bath doors is timeless, which you need for this design aesthetic.

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