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Top Tub to Shower Conversion Ideas

Getting into your bathtub is an excellent way to relax after a long day of work and stress, but a tub can be impractical. If you are tired of waiting until your tub is full to get in and prefer something more functional, you have two options. You can either turn that bathtub into a proper shower or a shower tub combo.

Today’s guide will explore how you can use a tub-to-shower conversion to remodel your bathroom.

Best Tub to Shower Conversion Ideas

walk in shower remodel

To convert your bathtub into a shower, you need to consider your bathroom’s overall size and style. You will want to make your new shower fit your current bathroom design without taking up more space than needed. Once you’ve considered these two aspects, you are ready to start the remodeling project.

Here are some bathtub to shower conversion ideas to inspire your home improvement project!

Install a Larger Shower

Having a bathtub can increase the value of your home if, at some point, you decide to sell or rent your house. However, we understand that you might want a shower because it is more functional. If you only have one tub at home, we recommend not eliminating it.

You can keep your bathtub by installing a walk-in shower around it. You would still have access to a functional shower but with the perks of a bathtub.

Walk-in showers are very trendy and in demand at the moment. However, their main drawback is that you need a lot of available space in your bathroom.

Accessibility with Style

Showers are more accessible than bathtubs because they can be walk-in models. When turning your bathtub into a shower, you might want to make accessibility a priority. If you have seniors at home, the best thing you can do is add a model with safety features.

We know that having a shower chair and grab bars in your new shower might reduce the overall style of your bathroom. However, instead of functional accessibility accessories, you can opt for more stylish models.

For example, you can choose a shower bench instead of a shower chair. This item can enhance the style of your new shower while providing the necessary safety. You can also install modern grab bars with different designs to increase security without affecting the aesthetics of your shower.

Customize Your Fixtures

Another conversion idea is adding custom fixtures to your bathroom. For instance, think about tiles for shower walls and shower floors with unique patterns that will enhance the overall feel of your bathroom.

You can also play with different shower heads and glass shower doors until you find the ones that fit your style best. Keep in mind that you will also need the right accessories to get the most out of your custom fixtures.

The right shower curtains, for example, can enhance your new shower style while protecting your bathroom floors from puddles.

Shower Remodeling Tips for Your Bathroom

Tub to Shower Conversions

When converting a tub into a shower, you will need to keep in mind aspects like ceiling height, total space, and distance between the different parts of your bathroom.

For this remodeling project, we recommend the following:

  • Have at least 80 inches of finished ceiling height for your new shower.
  • Make sure there’s a minimum distance between shower and toilet of around 18 inches.
  • The shower door swing should be clear of any possible obstructions.

During the tub to shower conversion process, you’ll need to demolish certain bathroom parts to access the pipes. Then you will need to determine if the pipes are in the right conditions or if they need a replacement. We recommend replacing the pipes if you notice damage to prevent problems down the road.

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