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13 Best Walk-In Shower Remodel Ideas

You don’t have to wait for the new year to remodel your home. You can get started with smaller projects such as renovating your bathroom since you’ll spend a lot of your time there.

So, wouldn’t it be nice for the bathroom to feel like an extension of your home and not just a room? You can start by updating something as simple as your walk-in shower. We’ll explore the best walk-in shower ideas for bathroom design.

The Best Walk-In Shower Design Ideas

Light modern bathroom design with walk in shower

There are many ways to update your walk-in shower without using your entire bathroom remodel budget. Sometimes it can be as easy as adding a couple of plants or accessories while, in other cases, you’ll need some manual work.

Here are some of the best walk-in shower remodel ideas!

1. Introduce a Farmhouse Feel with a Barn Door

The farmhouse aesthetic is becoming more popular every year. This look is known for its rustic style and combination of traditional and modern elements. Usually, to make your walk-in shower have a farmhouse feel, you need a clawfoot bathtub. However, you can also achieve the aesthetic by adding a barn door to your shower stall.

2. Install More Than One Showerhead

Tiled shower cubicle with dual heads bright interior

An excellent way to completely remodel your walk-in shower’s feel is to add one or more extra showerheads. It will be almost impossible to leave the shower with the water coming from multiple directions, especially if it has the perfect temperature. This remodel project is not particularly expensive, and a professional can handle it quickly and efficiently.

3. Choose Floor Tiles with Unique Patterns

Patterned shower tiles can showcase your personality without having to change your entire bathroom. You only need to ensure that the tiles you choose match the overall style of your shower walls.

Note: We recommend creating a calm environment, meaning avoiding busy colors and patterns.

4. Stand Out with a Bold Accent Wall

bathroom with shower and wall colored in orange red

Another excellent way to liven up your bathroom is to add accented tiles to your walk-in shower walls. We recommend geometric patterns and neutral colors, like white and gray, to get the most out of this design. You can even add textures if you find the right tiles and colors. They can give personality to your bathroom without diminishing its soothing feeling.

5. Modernize Your Shower with a Curved Door

Curved glass doors might be some of the best choices if you are looking to modernize your walk-in shower look and feel. These doors are ideal for balancing the harsh corners of most modern bathrooms. Adding a curved glass panel to your walk-in shower can also make small bathrooms feel more spacious and luxurious.

6. Make Your Bathroom Green and More Natural

Mediterranean style bathroom with plants and natural wood

The most affordable way to update the look of your walk-in shower is to add plants and other accessories throughout the bathroom. Plants have soothing properties that can help you relax better when taking a shower. They are also helpful for adding color to mostly neutral bathroom interior designs.

7. Be Bold with a Full Black Design

Some people enjoy pastel colors more than neutral. However, others prefer embracing the darker tones. If you truly want to stand out from any other bathroom, you can choose a full black color for your walk-in shower area. The rest of the bathroom can remain light with white and gray around, but the shower will be completely dark.

8. Choose a Paned Window Door

Modern Interior of a bathroom

You should also consider adding some texture and style to your walk-in shower by simply choosing a unique door. A door with a paned window style can update the personality of your bathroom by adding a unique and bold contrast.

It is also a remodel project you can complete within a day with minimal expenses. Still, we recommend finding a professional for the installation if you don’t have prior experience installing shower doors.

9. Use a Gray and White Combo

Another way to update the look of your walk-in shower is to use a contrast between white and gray. This combo will enhance your bathroom’s luxurious and modern appearance while remaining neutral and subtle. All you need to do is find the right tiles with the sizes and shapes you prefer.

10. Make the Bathroom Warmer with Teak Wood Flooring

Bathroom interior with sink and bathtub, windows with city view

One of the most interesting options for updating your walk-in shower is teak wood flooring. This type of wood has excellent mold resistance. If you maintain it properly, it can last for years. Using it for your shower floors can make your bathroom look more warm and welcoming.

This option can also be complemented with some plants around the shower, turning your bathroom into a more natural space.

11. Go for a Metallic Look with Brass Hardware

If you want to elevate the aesthetic and style of your walk-in shower and bathroom, you can opt for brass hardware. The metallic look it offers can complement a black and white color combination or other types of modern styles.

Adding a fireplace to your bathroom can also create the ultimate ambiance, but that can be too expensive for some people. Choose high-quality brass furniture and accessories to turn your bathroom into a modern space if you have a tight budget.

12. Choose Elegance with the Right Accessories

Interior of bathroom

Nothing says elegance more than high-quality accessories. You can go as far as adding a chandelier and antique-like mirrors to your bathroom. Alternatively, you can also achieve this aesthetic by changing your walk-in floor and wall tiles for something unique yet subtle.

Additionally, you can make your shower bigger and more comfortable. The extra space will help you enhance the elegance of the bathroom, although it will need more remodeling time and a higher budget.

13. Allow More Natural Light or Add More Artificial Light

Light is essential when creating a harmonious space you can enjoy for long periods. One option is to create a skylight or add some overhead lighting above the walk-in shower. That way, you can relax by looking at the stars when you shower or save energy when showering during the day.

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