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Shower Base Installation and Replacement

Replacing your shower base doesn’t have to be a challenging and time-consuming home improvement project, but you’ll need to pick a team of experts that can deliver quality in the least amount of time.

Fortunately, at Bath Planet by Clear Choice USA of SWFL, we have the right industry experience and a highly efficient team of contractors. We cover shower installation and replacement across Bonita Springs, Coral, and Sanibel.

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When to Replace a Shower Base

At Bath Planet by Clear Choice USA of Southwest Florida, we understand that your shower is a place to relax and enjoy. After all, a hot shower is the best thing after a long, stressful day. Yet what happens when your shower base feels and looks old with cracks and grime?

In this scenario, the best thing to do is to replace your shower base with a newer model that still fits your bathroom style. When you clean and clean your shower base but the dirt and mildew don’t leave, replacing the base could be the answer.

Additionally, shower bases should last between five and ten years. After shower bases reach their lifespan limit, they start cracking, leading to accidents. At this point, changing your shower base for a newer model will be safer.

Shower Base Sizes and Types

Shower base sizes are standardized to make the buying process easier. A traditional shower base might range between 32 and 60 inches, depending on the overall size of the bathroom and shower.

They also come in different shapes, from rectangular and square to the classic corner shower base you see in most homes.

Choose Bath Planet by Clear Choice USA of SWFL for Your

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Shower Base Installation Needs

Our mission is to provide you with an efficient and fast installation process that won’t disrupt your home or business. Additionally, we only work with the most reliable and high-quality brands and manufacturers, ensuring you’ll get the best possible product regardless of price.

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing Bath Planet by Clear Choice USA of SWFL for your shower base needs:

  • ● Time efficiency: We know working with contractors is challenging, especially when they don’t have a good work ethic. That’s why we’ve designed our services to adapt to the agreed timeline, meaning there will be no surprises down the road.
  • ● Budget-friendly: Replacing or installing a new shower base shouldn’t be a costly project. We provide a budget-friendly service that adapts to your needs, not the other way around.
  • ● Clear communication: Working with Bath Planet means working with a team that communicates clearly throughout the entire project. If there’s a problem, we’ll talk to you about it, guide you through your options, and explain the different steps of the project. If you have questions about anything, you can just contact us!

  • ● Variety of products: We stock a wide variety of products, from shower doors and center drains to custom shower bases and solid surface tile shower floors.
  • ● Years of experience: We have the expertise to handle your project in the most professional way possible. Choosing us for your shower base needs means working with reliable and experienced contractors that know what they are doing.


At Bath Planet by Clear Choice USA of SWFL, we know the importance of having a high-quality and functional shower. To learn more about our easy-to-clean and easy-to-install shower base installation and replacement services in Fort Myers, Florida, contact us at 239-337-2287 or send us a message!

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