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Bathroom Customizations


At Bath Planet By Clear Choice, we customize your bathroom remodel patterns to suit your unique tastes and home décor. Choose from a variety of patterns to create the bathroom installation that complements your vision. We also have a newly-patented process that allows us to create engraved, realistic-looking grout patterns for our customers. Real grout can be a hassle since it can spawn mold and typically requires routine maintenance. But with our realistic-looking grout, you can achieve gorgeous, grout-lined patterns in your bathroom without the hassle of mold and maintenance! To learn more about how you can customize your bathroom with patterns, give us a call.

bathroom with separate tub and shower


Transform your bathroom into a spa-like experience with soothing colors for relaxation or go bright and bold for something different. Bath Planet By Clear Choice offers a wide variety of colors to help you create the bathroom installation that complements your vision. From wall colors to bath liner and premium shower base colors, you can customize it all, ensuring your enhanced space is uniquely you. With a new splash of color, your bathroom will feel better than before. At Bath Planet By Clear Choice, we understand that each customer has their own unique set of needs, so we offer a wide range of colors to choose from.


After completing any bath or shower renovation, top off the refreshed space with a beautiful accessory or fixture. From soap dishes and shelves to caddies, shower seats, grab bars, shower doors, hardware, and more, your bathroom can be enhanced and customized from top to bottom to match your vision. A bath or shower renovation isn’t complete until the smallest details are addressed. We have a wide range of bathroom accessories to choose from, all of which can be customized according to your preference. The needs of your household are at the forefront with the endless renovation options, accessories, and features at Bath Planet By Clear Choice.


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