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Bathtub Surrounds in Southwest Florida

Your surrounds and tub walls are some of the most important functional and decorative elements in your bathroom.These protective materials shield the walls around your bathtub or shower-tub combo. Since they are in constant contact with soap, water, and other substances, they need to be resistant and easy to maintain.

When you start noticing dark tints and accumulated dirt in the cracks of the walls, you’ll want to fix that immediately. Sometimes, the best option is a complete change by replacing your old bathtub surrounds with a newer model.

Alcove bathtub close up with brown ceramic tiles surround

Surrounds and Walls for Your Bathtub

Many people take bathtub surrounds for granted. However, they can become challenging to clean after years of constant use, especially if you do not maintain them properly.

That’s why sometimes remodeling your bathroom can be an excellent excuse to replace your tub surrounds for easy-to-maintain options.

At Bath Planet By Clear Choice, our surrounds and bathtub wall panels are solid surfaces with easy-to-install designs and excellent durability. They come in multiple colors, from classic black and white to chic options like pastel tones. We also provide products that can endure mild detergents, making them easier to clean and maintain.

Modern bathroom design featuring grey vertical shower surround.

Benefits of Choosing Bath Planet By Clear Choice

These are the benefits of using Bath Planet By Clear Choice surrounds and walls for your bathtub.

Durability and Resistance

At Bath Planet By Clear Choice, we are proud to only use the best and most durable materials for our surrounds and bathtub walls. These materials will ensure that your walls are completely shielded for many years to come.

They can also provide better resistance against mold, mildew, and some substances like mild detergents and soap. Therefore, you won’t need to replace your bathtub surrounds until years into the future.

A Cost-Efficient Service

We adapt to your needs. That’s the reason we can complete your remodeling work within the limits of your budget.

Other contractors might offer you the same option, but without high-quality materials and professionals. At Bath Planet By Clear Choice, we do the work with only the best tools, components, and trained workers.

Custom Tub Surrounds and Walls

white bathroom interior with a vessel sink and ivory subway tile.

At Bath Planet By Clear Choice, we offer a customization service that will ensure your bathroom and tub surrounds are unlike any other. Our team will use unique patterns and color combinations to make your bathroom stand out. You can choose between a modern look, a traditional style, or something completely new.

Additionally, one of our most innovative products allows us to do beautiful engravings in your shower walls without the risk of mold and bacteria. We use a realistic-looking grout to achieve gorgeous patterns that are easy to clean and maintain.

Furthermore, we have the right accessories to complement your newly customized bathroom and tub surrounds. In our catalog, you can find soap dishes, caddies, shower seats, doors, and more to match your new bathtub walls.

Find the Perfect Wall Surround for Your Bathtub or Shower with Bath Planet By Clear Choice

Clean white tiled shower combination tub bright interior

Bath Planet By Clear Choice has the best selection of surroundings for your bathtub or shower. We provide a reliable installation service in the Fort Myers area, with a professional team ready to turn your bathroom into the one you’ve dreamed of.

Check out our digital catalog or contact us at 239-337-2287 for more information about our products and remodeling services! Contractor License: CBC1257807.

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