Your bathroom’s humid environment is ideal for making your shower handle lose its looks and function. The good news is that shower handle removal is a basic plumbing task that you can complete yourself; we’ll show you how.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

You’ll need a few tools for taking off the shower knob, depending on whether or not you’re trying to loosen a corroded handle prior to removal:

  • Allen wrench
  • Flat head and Phillips screwdriver
  • File
  • Hammer
  • Vinegar

If your shower handle and bonnet are stuck, you can use the file to wedge between the wall and the handle and the hammer to gently separate the handle. You can also try and dissolve the corrosion by soaking it in vinegar.

Disconnect the Water Supply

Installing a new hose on an used shower mixer tap in a bathroom shower cabin

To prevent water from the shower head and faucet handle from leaking, which will lead to costly repairs down the road, you’ll want to ensure you disconnect your hot and cold water supply. If you cannot turn off the water supply to just the bathroom, you’ll need to disconnect it for your entire home.

Allow Pipes to Drain

After disconnecting the water supply, it’s important to open your shower handle and allow the pipes to drain before you remove it. Doing this will avoid you getting splashed by the shower valve when you open it.

Locate the Screws

If the screws aren’t visible, check for a plug or cap on the handle’s front, and then use your flat head screwdriver to gently pry it off. If you don’t see screws, your shower handle may be able to be removed by twisting it off.

Alternatively, if your handle is a lever-style one, you may need an Allen wrench to remove it.

Remove the Shower Handle

Plumber hands fixing shower mixer on modern water tap.

Removal should be done gently by holding the handle and pulling it toward you. A pulling tool can help if you’re having trouble. Simply place the forks of the tool on the handle’s back. Then, placing the plunger on the screw hole, turn the screw located on the puller. This will allow you to gradually force the handle out until you’re able to pull.

Remove the Wall Plate

If there’s a wall plate, you’ll have to unscrew and remove this as well. Screws may or may not be visible, so check for decorative plugs; you’ll only have to pry lightly with a slot screwdriver for removal.

Because the set screws holding your wall plate in will likely be quite long, it’s important to go slowly when unscrewing them.You’ll then have to remove the valve trim.

When to Call a Professional

handyman working in shower booth indoors

Now you know how to get the shower handle off, but what if you run into something unexpected? For example, you can easily pull the lever too hard and cause damage to the valve stem.

You may also discover leakage that you don’t know how to fix or encounter stripped screws. Anything can happen. So, if you think you’ll break something, it’s time to call in the experts.

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