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Top Tub to Shower Conversion Ideas

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Getting into your bathtub is an excellent way to relax after a long day of work and stress, but a tub can be impractical. If you are tired of waiting until your tub is full to get in and prefer something more functional, you have two options. You can either turn that bathtub into a proper shower or a shower tub combo. Today’s guide will explore how you can use a tub-to-shower conversion to remodel

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Can I Have a Walk-In Shower with a Tub Inside?

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Walk-in showers are some of the most popular options because of their luxurious and spacious designs. They have beautiful and subtle floor tiles and shower walls, enhancing the overall appearance of your bathroom—but what happens if you also want a bathtub in your bathroom? Bathtubs inside showers are not that uncommon, and they can provide a unique feel for your bathroom. In fact, one of the most popular options for this type of combination is

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13 Best Walk-In Shower Remodel Ideas

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You don’t have to wait for the new year to remodel your home. You can get started with smaller projects such as renovating your bathroom since you’ll spend a lot of your time there. So, wouldn’t it be nice for the bathroom to feel like an extension of your home and not just a room? You can start by updating something as simple as your walk-in shower. We’ll explore the best walk-in shower ideas for

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How to Add a Shower to Your Walk-In Bathtub

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Shower baths are on-demand home improvements that can help you increase the total value of your house. This combination gives your bathtub superior versatility, functionality, and overall safety. However, adding a shower to your walk-in bathtub is not an easy process. It can also be quite expensive, depending on the final result you want. We’ll help you update your old walk-in bathtub by adding a shower. We’ll also give you some excellent tips on doing

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How to Clean a Shower (Our Expert Tips)

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There’s nothing like a hot shower after a long day of work or study, but what happens when you go in your shower and it looks gross and dirty? Like every other part of our homes, you need to clean a shower regularly to keep it clean and hygienic. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to clean a shower effectively. Let’s get started! How Often Should You Clean Your Shower? Cleaning your shower is

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Glass shower doors are excellent for keeping your bathroom floor dry while enhancing its modern style. They are easier to maintain than the old-fashioned shower curtains, but they still need to be cleaned regularly to keep them in good condition. In today’s guide, you’ll learn how to clean shower glass doors and how to keep them clean for longer. How Often Should You Clean Your Shower Glass Doors? The best way to keep your shower

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How to Clean a Shower Head in 5 Easy Steps

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A shower head can be a perfect place for bacteria to grow. This is especially true if you live in an area with hard water. The minerals can stick to the surface of the shower head, creating a white scale that can cause bacterial growth. Knowing how to clean a shower head is a necessary bathroom cleaning skill, but many ignore it. So, let’s take a look at what you need to know! 5 Steps

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5 Tips for Unclogging a Bathtub Drain

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When it comes to clogs, the bathtub drain is not only one of the most common locations these can occur but can also be one of the most inconvenient. Luckily, it is possible to unclog your bathroom drain using these simple and effective home remedies. Before You Begin Before trying to unclog your bathtub drain, you’ll want to first remove as much debris from the drain as possible. An old pair of tweezers can work

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The Ultimate Shower Curtain Buying Guide

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Choosing a shower curtain may seem like an easy task until you start shopping and discover that there are several sizes, fabrics, prints, and features available. The good news is that, if there’s a new shower curtain in your near future, you’ll find everything you need to know with our guide. Shower Curtain Sizes The first thing to know about shower curtain sizes is that there is a primary standard size, which is 72 x

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How to Remove a Shower Handle

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Your bathroom’s humid environment is ideal for making your shower handle lose its looks and function. The good news is that shower handle removal is a basic plumbing task that you can complete yourself; we’ll show you how. Make Sure You Have the Right Tools You’ll need a few tools for taking off the shower knob, depending on whether or not you’re trying to loosen a corroded handle prior to removal: Allen wrench Flat head